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Communicating Hurricane Associated Risks - A Semi-Structured Interview with Broadcast Meteorologists

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In this study, we investigate the perceived effectiveness of existing forecast tools, characterize how broadcast hurricane risk messages are developed and conveyed, and explore unmet needs in hurricane forecast communications.

Best Practice in Visualizing Uncertainty in Weather Forecast

October 5-9, 2020

Uncertainty bears an inherent relationship to weather forecasting. Even with advances in technology and mathematical modeling improving weather forecasts, communicating risks to the public is still challenging. This systematic review investigates design attributes that influence the expression of uncertainty visualization in weather forecasts. A total of 14 publications met the inclusion criteria. This review revealed six categories of design features that can inform how viewers interpret the uncertainty conveyed in weather forecast displays. These design features also provide us with an initial basis for developing guidelines. We discuss how the features might be used and the importance of doing so.

Redesigning ‘Move to’ - An Email Triage Function Design in Mobile Email Client

November, 2018

Email has become a ubiquitous modern communication tool in present days. Though adopted by millions of people, email clients still lack a proper interface design for providing quality email management experiences. This study explores potential factors that influence the user experience in managing emails and proposes a solution for the current problems that have been observed in email filing.

Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL