Hi, I am Qinyu. Currently, I’m a second-year master’s student in the Interactive Media Program at the University of Miami.

When I was an engineer, I was confused every time my mom turned to me because she could not figure out how an app worked: ”I need your help! I have no idea what to do next.” Back then, I didn’t realize the underlying reason behind her complaints. After a couple of years working in different environments with people from different backgrounds, I discovered many people base design decisions on assumptions and for convenience. My faith in the impossibility of creating good products without empathizing with the users drove me into UX  from computer science. I fell madly in love with UX.

I love a challenging environment and work. When collaborating, I am often told I am upbeat, cheerful, and spread positive energy to others. I work to make users‘ experiences effortless and I strive to always do my best work first.