Last But Not Least

Date Created:           October 7th, 2018

Date Last Updated:  October 7th, 2018

Finally wrapped this up. I have to admit, our project has gone somewhat off track. It seems to me that we focused too much on how to make quizzes playful rather than how to connect users.

If I had the chance to redo this project, I would:

  • do more background research before user research

  • more carefully select interviewees based on the central question

  • conduct user interviews in depth, asking myself over and over again "Do I get the answer for my central research question?" until the answer is yes

  • spend more time on data analysis in order to truly understand users ( I think we failed on this point, at least I think I should have done better on this point)

  • keep asking myself if my design solution solves the pain points of our personas

  • improve my English skills so that I can better communicate with my team and better express my ideas

  • largely improve team communication

  • correct it right away if I feel our project is headed in the wrong direction ( There were times when I felt we did something wrong but I did not correct it. My fault.)

Luckily, I will never say never. I will keep working on this project, trying to fix it.  I am going to start with redoing the background research and the user research.


I will keep updating the progress on this blog. You are welcome to come back and check it out!

Go Sherry!