Deeper Wounds

Punitive school practices’ impact on trauma-impacted youth.

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Not every child is afforded security and safety during their most formative years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 4 children will experience maltreatment in their lifetime. The cognitive, emotional, and behavioral effects of trauma are often heightened as children enter the school system due to the change in their environment and routine, causing emotional, psychological, or physical distress. Thus, children with trauma are more prone to attention, mood, and conduct problems in school. Unfortunately, their expressions of emotional distress are often addressed as misbehaviors with punitive practice such as out-of-school suspensions. However, these expulsions or suspensions have been shown to be more detrimental than beneficial to a child’s cognitive, behavioral, and emotional development.


How to Use Design to Improve the Awareness of the Public.

I really wanted to make readers aware, through my design, how far-reaching the maltreatment of children is. Thus, I used different visual indicators to represent how deeply these children are hurt.

In order to express the darkness these children are suffering in, I used jet black with a silhouette of a maltreated child as the background for this infographic so that the story would resonate emotionally with the audience.

Also, I incorporated the outline of scars and broken shapes in my design to indicate their trauma-filled youth.

Asset 22_3x.png
Asset 26_3x.png

​The Final Design

Deeper Wounds Tabloid.png