Usability Test on

Gift Hope Website

Role (Team-Based Work)
UX Researcher
Contributed to conducting the usability test and led the data analysis
Usability Testing
One Month
Microsoft Excel

Usability testing can help identify usability problems of a product, collect qualitative and quantitative data, and determine participants’ satisfaction with it. A formative usability test was conducted in order to identify usability problems of the Gift Hope website in terms of the following perspectives:

  • Is the information on the Gift Hope website intuitive and comprehensible?

  • Is the Gift Hope website easy to use?

  • Are users of the Gift Hope website satisfied?

  • Are the icons on the Gift Hope website intuitive?

Product Description
Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 8.13.02 AM.png

Gift Hope is a website that provides a platform for people and fundraising groups to donate to charities they care about and share their donation. It also connects people with corporate partners that match their donation. The website has five main tabs to navigate around for the purposes of learning about the organization, finding opportunities to collaborate, donating to charities, and creating a user profile. The website also provides instructions about how to share the donation on the donors’ Facebook profiles in order for corporate partners to match the amount.

Usability Tests and Findings

This study was conducted with 6 participants recruited from the University of Miami, which represented the target group of “college students.” Each participant completed 5 tasks to evaluate the ease of use in obtaining information from the website, applying to be a fundraising group, and donating to a charity. We measured success rate, time on task, and satisfaction for each task as well as the intuitiveness of all icons along with the overall perceived usability of the website. Based on the test results, 23 usability issues and 5 keepers were identified. Recommendations for redesign were also provided.


TASK 1: Learning about Gift Hope
TASK 3: Donating by Cause
TASK 2: Signing Up as a Fundraising Group
TASK 4: Finding a Charity Page
TASK 5: Making a Donation through a Fundraising Group

Problems by UI Focus and Severity

Bar chart.png

Usability Issues and Recommendations